Amatsu Sensei’s Jo Aiki

This post is both a promotion and celebration of the founding of Aiki Cloud. I would like to show the power of this platform for people who would like to learn real aiki from Amatsu den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu. You can see below that I would like to talk about Amatsu sensei’s aiki with the jo. Aiki is something that you can transfer through to teki via the jo. I must admit it would be very difficult against a well trained jojutsuka, but these are the waza handed down to us from Takeda sensei. I would like to show you two videos from the Soden Archive, they both show Amatsu sensei doing an aiki sage motion in the nikajo waza he does on myself at the Asahi dojo and Jyrki at the Fudoshin dojo. So I searched for the ‘Aiki Sage’, ‘Amatsu’ and ‘Jo’ tags.

Doing the above search brings us the following gallery. You can see the same waza from two different perspectives. Imagine being able to send out tailored galleries for your students when teaching this material.

2 video(s) found
Jo Waza 1
Posted on April 10, 2023
Jo Dori 1
Posted on April 10, 2023

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