Kuki Osu (空気押す) with a Champion Strangle

Kuki Osu (空気押す) or ‘Pushing Air’ is a Daito Ryu principle based on not giving teki a sense of where you are in space. As soon as my arm touches his, they can feel where my centre of gravity is. By avoiding this we can can throw him in a ghostly manner, as he has no sense of where I am in space. This waza is similar to a waza in the Nikajo set in the Hiden Mokuroku called Kubi Nage (or Neck Throw), but the major difference is we don’t throw away, we crush the enemy down to their feet and attack the neck.

Using a crushing like motion, we attack teki’s neck.

Breathe The Enemy In

Use Kyoku and breathe them in

As Teki grabs and that force enters your body, breathe it in and sink your thoughts, this causes your energy to rise and go back into teki causing him to stiffen and lock up.

Opening your back

The energy that Teki generates is received by Ware in a combining (合) or opening phase. This force can be manipulated by Ware. It can be drained or stored and released back into Teki. To do this we must first talk about the 5 bows (五弓), one that is basically your central axis (or spine), then both your arms and legs. If you think of how a bow and arrow works, as the arrow is drawn back, that force is stored in the bow. When the arrow is released, that energy that was stored now propels the arrow. We will mainly concentrate on the central axis. In the picture below you imagine the spine bowing, in doing so storing some of that energy.

The Back Bow

Pic Courtesy of Sangenkai

Creating Forward Pressure

When Teki grabs you, you start to create forward pressure by expanding your frame. This pressure is not from pushing or leaning, it is neutral and paired with your breath, your body starts to pulse and starts expanding. Notice the intent of my right palm, this not only protects my eyes, but also takes his attention and makes him to continue to grab hard as I am sending energy through my aiki touch point in the middle of my palm.

Inviting Teki In

As expansion of the pulse reaches its limits of congealing (凝), we split, and go to melting (解) and that aiki connection starts to contract/unravel. Using this motion we then invite teki into our centre and into the Champion strangle.

Invite their belly in.
Amatsu sensei demonstrating Kuki Osu

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