Digital Strategy Under Uncertainty

How do we manage uncertainty?

In these uncertain times how do we develop a digital strategy that can not only survive these times, but also thrive.

How do we define strategy?

  • Industry Position – Where does your company sit?
  • Digital Assets – We need to audit your digital assets
  • Determine your appetite for Risk – What kind of risks are you willing to take on?

Do we bet big, hedge or wait and see?

Now with disruptive technology and uncertainty we cant use traditional strategy approaches. Doing things like cash flow analysis or forecasting doesn’t really apply. We cant look at uncertainty in a binary way, do not underestimate uncertainty!

Where are you?

Develop your posture

What type of posture is your company going to take. Have a look at the following postures:

  • Shape the future – Are you taking part, or taking over?
  • Adapting to the future – Are you looking to be responsive to future events?
  • Reserve the right to play – You don’t need to execute

Create a portfolio of tasks

Once you have developed a posture you can determine your portfolio of tasks. You can create tasks which reflect the following:

  • No regret moves, what are your must haves?
  • What are your options?
  • Are you taking a big bet?




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