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Do you have digital content related to Soden Daito Ryu? Well at Aiki Cloud, we can host and protect your digital content, and you a return! If you have digital content you would like us to host, please get in contact with us at Aiki Cloud. We have several levels of Affiliate Status to cater for all situations.

What Is Digital Content?

Digital content is any video, picture or document that you would like to digitally preserve. So if you have any Soden pictures, books or videos please contact us at Aiki Cloud.

Data Security

We take data security very seriously at Aiki Cloud and we understand that Soden content is very valuable, and should only be distributed to relevant parties. Within the Aiki Cloud back end there are 3 more security levels, so in total we have 7 levels of security.

  • Guest – Someone who is not logged in, or is new to the site.
  • Subscriber – Someone who has access to the blog and public videos.
  • Aiki Cloud – A member that has access to member content in the blog and the Soden Archive video category.
  • Sofukai – This is dojo members, and study group members. They have access to premium teaching content from the dojo.
  • Shoden – Students who have Shoden license.
  • Chuden – Students who have a Chuden license.
  • Okuden – Registered Instructors

What Is A Digital Asset

At the moment these concepts are new to the world, but I hope I can simplify the concepts so that people see the importance in acting now. In the future the ownership of digital assets will be stored in a public ledger called a block chain, this digital ledger basically shows who owns what. Now within the ledger we have something called a smart contract. This is exactly like a normal contract between two parties, but the enforcement of the contract is done by the block chain and associated software.

What Is A Block Chain?

A block chain is a very simple concept, it is software that enforces a public ledger. The ledger is completely public and is recalculated when a transaction occurs. In our case at Aiki Cloud, we are concerned block chains with NFT’s, so when a new NFT is minted the ledger is recalculated to show the new transaction.

What Is A NFT?

A NFT stands for Non Fungible Token and are digital assets that are tokenised via a block chain. Tokenisation is creating a digital instance of an asset, once this is created you can perform smart contracts on the digital asset.

Relevant links:

Minting NFT’s

At Aiki Cloud we can advise you on the best method to mint your NFT’s. We can advise when and how you mint your NFT’s to reduce costs. NFT’s can be exchanged in one of two ways. The first method is just the normal method, and gas fees apply. During peak hours these fees increase, so we can advise the best course of action to mint your NFT’s. The second method is called ‘Lazy Minting’, where the NFT is minted for free, and the only fee you pay (2.5%) is when you sell it.

Your Crypto Wallet

To buy and sell NFT’s you need a crypto wallet to store crypto and any NFT’s you own. A crypto wallet is just like a normal wallet. It will have any crypto positions you hold as well as any NFT’s you own. We recommend a Coinbase crypto wallet, which is a self-custody crypto wallet, putting you in control of your crypto, keys, and data. Now you can safely store your crypto and rare NFTs in one place.

What Is A Smart Contract?

A smart contract is exactly what it says on the tin, a contract between two parties based on the instance of the digital asset and is controlled by the software of the block chain. So in this instance you will have a smart contract with Aiki Cloud, this contract will identify you as the owner of the asset, and the charter of the smart contract. So this might also include financial aspects, and things like what Aiki Cloud is aloud to do with the assets relating to intellectual property.

How Is Access Controlled?

So security is handled at several different levels within Aiki Cloud:

  • Access rights defined in the Aiki Cloud membership levels.
  • Actual file security. This can be varying degrees of security levels based on encryption.

So the actual digital asset might be a scan of a soden book, the pdf file is minted to the NFT. So the pdf file could be one of the following:

  • A normal pdf file.
  • A password protected pdf file.
  • A pdf file with a digital certificate. That gives the recipient access whilst the certificate is valid. This means access can be granted and revoked via the certificate.

Who Gets Access To What?

When I learnt Soden the books were not secret, just very hard to get hold of. Generally each lesson Amatsu sensei would hand out photo copies of the waza he taught during the lesson. So even white belts got given copies of the Soden waza. Now I have tried to emulate this with the security permissions in Aiki Cloud. Members will have access to Soden material related to the video that they are watching. This is the way Amatsu sensei wanted it. However access to the books is restricted to Shoden and above.

Why Its Important To Act Now

The relevant parties should own, and have a say in what happens to the asset, which would be defined by the smart contract. As basically anyone can mint a NFT, and its value and scarcity is determined my market forces, it is important to mint registered copies of digital assets. This will ensure the asset retains its value, and appreciates over time, and helps identify the correct owner of the asset. It is important to get legitimate copies of assets minted as soon as possible to avoid people minting un-registered copies.

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